LAHORE Lahore Waste Management Company is all set to award contract of lifting waste from six localities in the City to three private companies on Friday (today), sources told TheNation on Thursday. After evaluating the pros and cons of outsourcing lifting and disposal of garbage to private contractors in the pilot project, the LWMC will extend the plan to other areas. The LWMC will award contract of lifting garbage from Mohni Road, inside Lohari Gate, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Qila Lakshman Singh, Township and Tajpura scheme to three different contractors on Friday (today). The companies will start performing duties after Ashura. According to the sources, after evaluating the bids submitted by interested parties, the LWMC has decided to give three areas to one company, two to another one while the third party has succeeded to win contract of lifting garbage from one specified area. The private contractors will carryout waste collection from door to door and garbage containers besides carrying out sweeping and debris lifting in their specified localities. Out of their required manpower, half of the staff would be hired from the sanitary workers of LWMC. The contractor will pay salary to the sanitary workers whose services will be hired from the LWMC. The private firms will not charge any sanitation fee on the residents for collection of garbage. The company will dispose off collected garbage at dumping grounds at Mehmood Booti and Saggian Bridge. For facilitating the private firms, the LWMC has recently purchased 90 rickshaws at a hefty cost of Rs 15.3 million. Each rickshaw costing Rs 1,70,000 was assembled at the city district government workshop in accordance with the requirements of congested localities in the walled City. The LWMC will give required number of these rickshaws to private parties on lease. Talking to The Nation, Managing Director LWMC Wassem Ajmal said that the purpose of outsourcing lifting and disposal of solid waste was to improve sanitation conditions in the City. He said that the LWMC has manufactured rickshaws that can easily maneuver in the congested localities. He said that the LWMC would also manufacture special vehicles for the localities with wide roads and more open places. To a question about the fate of sanitary workers after outsourcing garbage lifting, he said that the private firm would hire half of its manpower from the staff of LWMC. He said that the Company would never compromise on the rights of its sanitary workers.