Being an avid newsreader and having an economic background, I keep a track of latest developments with foreign investments and its effects on our economy. Recently, the matter, which grabbed my attention, was of gold-mining project continued in Riko Diq in Balochistan. Upon getting into details, the conclusion that I have reached is that The Tethyan Copper Company kicked off this Asias biggest Gold-Copper mining project by following proper rules and procedures and that Government of Balochistan is also being paid 25% royalty, an unlikely gesture by a foreign exploratory mission. The news items I have gone through, however carries a negative tone. My point is if there is any issue or complication surrounding the project. Is it rational to target a foreign exploratory mission the way it is being targeted? Cant the things be talked out? Where is the role of the government as it is the prime responsibility of the government to give protection to foreign investment and resolve things amicably incase any issue arises? Especially in this project as it is being carried out in an area of Pakistan that is heavily enriched with unexplored natural resources. Such kind of projects would bring nothing but prosperity and development in the region and country as a whole. The law and security situation of our country is scaring away potential foreign investors, which has caused a major dent in our economy. It would be more appropriate if we by our immature, biased attitudes and vested interests do not add more to this national tragedy. SHAHID MAHMOOD, Islamabad, December 9.