ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday declared that investigation conducted into Hajj corruption scam so far is unsatisfactory, as grade 16 officer of FIA has been assigned to probe into the matter. A seven-member bench of the apex court comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Justice Raja Fayyaz, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, Justice Ghulam Rabbani and Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday was hearing suo moto case with regard to the irregularities in Haj arrangements. The courtroom was full of Haj pilgrims during the hearing. The court observed that the investigation into the scam is being carried out by a low-rank officer (inspector). The Chief Justice remarked that current investigation into the scandal showed clear dishonesty of the FIA. He said, This is the way you want to hush up the case. DG FIA Waseem Ahmed informed that a team headed by a director, who had interviewed Minister and Secretary Religious Affairs, was supervising the investigation. Justice Ramday questioned that interviewing the Minister and Secretary is the way you are conducting the investigation. Justice Javed said Section 61 of CrPc has been included in the inquiry, under that bail could be obtained easily. He asked him to revise his strategy. The Chief Justice said: We would not spare anyone how high he or she is. He observed that the investigation conducted so far is not satisfactory. Azam Khan Swati, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, while appearing before the court informed that in a Federal Cabinet meeting, he and other ministers had asked the Prime Minister for punishing Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi. He said that for the first time in the countrys history it had happened that a sitting minister had appeared before the Supreme Court. When the court asked him to provide evidence with regard the allegations he had levelled against the Religious Ministry. He replied: I will submit the documents in this regard within two to three days. Sardar Latif Khosa, on behalf of Federal Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi filed a reply. According to the written reply, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs has stated: I am responsible for the policy framing, which was approved by the Cabinet presided over by the PM. The Secretary under the rule of the business is the Principal Accounting Officer and Incharge of the Ministry. He further stated that as for as the posting of the BS-20 officer against the post of DG Hajj Jeddah is concerned, I had no role in doing so as it was processed by departmental selection committee, the Ministry of Religious Affairs gave no other recommendations for the appointment made by the competent authority, Prime Minister of Pakistan. Justice Javed Iqbal said that during 23 years of his judicial service he had never seen this kind of case; as this year it was not the corruption but a dacoity committed in Haj arrangements. Justice Ramday said that in India four ministers resigned after the corruption charges levelled against them. We faced disgrace in Saudi Arabia as there was no news of corruption of any other country except Pakistan. Waseem also informed that on the report of the Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs they had arrested Rao Shakeel on 12th November, adding Rao is now on judicial remand. He further said that they had put his name on ECL. He failed to respond to the courts inquiry that how much money had been recovered. He just said the process has been started. Secretary Religious Affairs, Agha Sarwar Qazalbash, also appeared before the court. The Chief Justice told him that ultimately he would be held responsible. He said that they had returned 900 Saudi Riyals to Hajis in Saudi Arabia. Justice Ramday said Hajis, whose Maktab was one kilometre, were also given 900 SR and those, whose Maktab, was 5km away, were also given 900 SR. Justice Jamali asked him to provide the list. A Haji, Niamat Ali, who performed Haj this year, submitted a statement signed by 20 other Hajis, complaining they were provided inappropriate accommodations. He said that for 900 Hajis there was only one coaster to take them from their residences to Haram. The court directed the DG FIA to produce Rao Shakeel before the court on the next hearing and adjourned the case till December 13. Meanwhile, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) probing the Haj scam claimed to arrest Joint Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs, Raja Aftabul Islam over his alleged role in the embezzlement of hiring buildings for Pakistani Hajis in Saudi Arabia. FIA sources said that the joint secretary had been arrested as the team probing the massive embezzlement in renting out buildings in Saudi Arabia had got some concrete evidence against him during the preliminary investigations. DG FIA, Waseem Ahmed confirmed the arrest of Joint Secretary while talking to The Nation. However, he did not disclose whether FIA had got some tangible evidence against the officer or not. However, he claimed that investigations were underway and he could not fix he responsibility for the corruption against any one at this stage. DG FIA firmly said that FIA would probe the scam and question every person connected with it irrespective of status of any one. To a question if Pakistani Ambassador in Saudi Arabia was being probed in this regard, he said that FIA was in touch with him. However, the sources in FIA disclosed that the initial record of the Ministry of Religious Affairs showed that the Joint Secretary, Aftabul Islam had initiated the process of hiring the buildings for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia and he remained there for three months for that purpose. Raja was part of the three-member committee that was responsible for renting out the building in Saudi Arabia. FIA sources also said that former DG Haj, Rao Shakeel whom FIA had arrested some weeks ago for his alleged involvement in the same scam had also disclosed some information against Joint Secretary alleging him responsible for the whole scam. Rao Shakeel was another member of the committee responsible for hiring buildings for 80,000 Pakistani Hajis in Saudi Arabia. Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Agha Sarwar Qazlbash had gone to the Saudi Arabia for carrying out the purchase process of buildings as Raja Aftab had returned to country leaving the hiring process incomplete after charges of corruption in these affairs from a parliamentary committee. National Assembly Standing Committee on Religious Affairs had declared in its report that the buildings rented out for the accommodation of Haji were substandard and costly. The committee had also levelled charges of corruption against former DG Haj Rao Shakeel who had been later removed on the directions of the Prime Minister.