KARACHI - When Sindh Tennis President Muhammad Mian Soomro signed a letter nominating Asif Dar to attend and vote for the STA in PTF elections, the former governor Sindh was not aware that he was not authorised to do so under the constitution, it was learnt on Thursday. Queries conducted here the other day from various sources alleged that Asif Dar who allegedly once was a national wrestler got the signature of Muhammad Mian Soomro on the letter nominating him as STA representative to the PTF election at Karachi airport just before Soomro left on a foreign visit. However, some say Soomro signed the letter at his home before he left for the airport. Mystery surrounds how Asif Dar, who does not hold any position in the STA, allegedly got his hand on a STA letterhead. It is alleged that some insider of the STA a friend of Dar provided him the letterhead. However, the letter was drafted on an eight-year-old letterhead of the STA allegedly. It was about eight to nine years ago that the STA keeping it policy to nominate the governor of the province as the president of the STA had requested Soomro to accept the position. However, Soomros ignorance of the rules and the constitution helped IG Islamabad Kaleem Imam clinch the PTFs top position by two votes one of which allegedly was of Asif Dars who once also held the secretarial position of the PTF for full one term. If the PTF appointed election commissioner Brig Khokhar had closely looked into the nomination letter signed by Soomro and another one allegedly carried by the STA Senior Vice President Saeed Ahmed who was given the authority by acting STA president Saeed Hai, he would have easily detected a genuine letter from a non genuine one and seen the game through. Saeed Hai was to attend the elections but as he was in China for the Asian Games, he said to have advised Saeed Ahmed of International Club to vote for the STA. But as the incumbent president Dilawar Abbas feeling comfortable with Asif Dar did not oppose. Brig. Khokhar finding no opposition to the nomination accepted Asif Dar as STA representative in the election. Dilawar Abbas faith in Asif Dar proved wrong and he lost the election by six votes to eight. But had the STA vote gone in favour of Dilawar Abbas it would have tied the result seven all in that case the incumbent president could have the cast his tie breaking vote and Dilawar Abbas would have won for his third term for which he had worked so hard. Even after losing the election, Dilawar has lost nothing because as life chief patron of the PTF he enjoys full powers to attend PTF meetings at home and represent Pakistan at other world tennis forum. The defeat has not thrown him out of the PTF and he will be there as long as he wants. Newly elected President Kaleem Imam has to accept the reality and work with the former president and with the STA which is taking a soft view of what Asif Dar did. Though the STA is not happy with the way Soomro signed the letter but it may not decided to challenge his decision only to avoid any confrontation with the PTF which it is said to have requested the STA officials to give a helping hand in the promotion of tennis. But still the STA general body which was said to have met here couple of days ago has decided to write a letter to Soomro to inform him about the mistake he had made by nominating an outsider to the PTF election. Under the constitution the STA president could have easily nominated an office bearers of the STA for the task. The STA may not ask for any action against Asif Dar but they would not like to see him hold any position in the PTF which look very likely. The council of the PTF has been called on December 18 for the appointment of various office holders. The STA is expected to get all the positions they held in the outgoing PTF.