LAHORE The second phase of three-day Tableeghi Ijtema started on Thursday afternoon at Raiwind amid strict security measures taken by the metropolitan police. The Ijtema will end with an exceptionally long prayer (dua) on Sunday. In their sermons on the first day of the Ijtema, ulema said that they themselves were responsible for the turmoil and turbulence as they drifted away from righteousness and the true path shown to us by Allah. They further prayed for the strength of Islam, vowing to serve the religion with dedication and devotion and go on Tableeghi missions all over the world for the propagation of the religion of peace. They, in their special sermons, prayed for the supremacy of Islam as well as the unity in the Muslim Ummah, tolerance and love. They also called for shunning sectarianism and promotion of Islamic values. The ulema also urged the Muslim Ummah to follow basic principles of Islam and mould their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Renowned religious scholars further stressed upon the Muslims to shun evildoings in their quite short life and follow in the footsteps and teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The renowned clerics further asked the Muslims to get united across the world as this was the only way to oppose devil forces. According to sermons, the aliens were moving forward to change the identity of Muslim Ummah through a conspiracy. The ulema from India also stressed upon the Muslim Ummah to follow the golden codes of equality, brotherhood and righteousness. The followers of Tableeghi Ijtema described this congregation as the mission of prophets as they try to preach non-practising Muslims by inviting them to assemble in their respective local mosques. It is to be noted that these preachers do not utter even a single word about politics; rather they strictly follow the six principles evolved by the founder of the movement, Maulana Ilyas of India. Over two million faithfuls participate in this gathering, the second largest congregation after Haj. The Bengali gathering, called Bishwa Ijtema (World Gathering), converges followers from around the world in Tongi near Dhaka with an attendance exceeding two million followers. The metropolitan police and the City traffic police jointly implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure security of the participants and smooth flow of traffic for the second phase of Tableeghi Ijtema. According to plan, about 2,000 policemen along with officers in plain clothes have been deputed at the place. The traffic police have also set up a control room as well as a police camp under the supervision of a DSP at the site of the congregation. In an official communiqu issued on Thursday, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) SSP Syed Ahmed Mubeen said three SPs, 10 DSPs, 36 Inspectors, 950 wardens and six emergency squads have been set up for the second phase.