PUNE (India) - Tied Test refers to a rare result in Test matches played in the sport of cricket. Only two ties have occurred in almost 2,000 Tests played since 1877. The first was in 1960 (exactly 50 years ago on December 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14) between Australia and West Indies and the second in 1986, also involving Australia, with India. The possible origin of the word tie is that of having the two tally-sticks tied together while the game was in progress. They were then cut apart, according to the well-known cricket-historian, Kersi Meher-Homji. This is what John Eddowes writes in his book The Language of Cricket (Carcanet, UK, 1997), Kersi Homji said. The game has been completed and both sides have amassed the same score. Its not a draw which is an unfinished game. Joe Solomon contributed to the result in the first tied Test in 1960. His long-range throw hit the stumps to run out Ian Meckiff. Yes, after 50 long years also, I am happy to be the member of the first ever Tie Test match, he said. We all enjoyed the Test match and both teams celebrated the result of the match. The teams gathered in the dressing rooms after the match and we had good drinks thereafter, Solomon added. Our captain (late Frank Worrell) wanted this Test to win and we were alert in the final over. Wes Hall was the accurate bowler. On the seventh ball (there were eight-ball overs during that time) the new batsman, Lindsay Kline, pushed the ball to square leg and set off for a single. I scooped up the ball and, with one stump to aim for from 12 metres out, threw the ball in and hit the stumps, running Meckiff out by a few inches. There was hardly any time to think and I knew if I run out the batsman, the result of the match would be tied and if I miss the wicket, the opponent would win the Test, Solomon recalled. In the next Test, Solomon was out hit wicket after his cap fell on the stumps. It was an unfortunate wicket fall, he said. Solomon, 80 now, migrated from Guyana to USA. We have no more communications with the members of the Australian Tie Test team but among West Indian players, we do chat about this historical Test. Few players from either side and two umpires are no more after the 50 years of this Test now.