WASHINGTON - Noting that Americans are itching to resort to military action against Iran, Mikhail Gorbachev, a former president of the defunct Soviet Union, has urged cautioned the United States against military action against Iran - but he cautioned that more time is needed to allow negotiations to work. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, an American news site, he also made a veiled reference to Israel, suggesting that it should reduce its nuclear arsenal. Gorbachev was asked whether a military option against Iran should be considered if it fails to comply with global demands that it cease developing weapons of mass destruction. Let us not rush to military action and think about using bombs, Gorbachev responded, as he emphasized that the military option is not acceptable. That is not right. The interview was conducted at the Moscow headquarters of the Gorbachev Foundation, which seeks to support global peace efforts and other humanitarian causes. Gorbachev said that Russia, which has been very reluctant to embrace stiffer sanctions against the Islamic Republic, shares the global concern that Irans nuclear development could destabilize the Middle East. Remember, Iran is our neighbour, Gorbachev said. And so those that think that were not worried about this danger are mistaken. We are worried about Iran. We want to work together with our neighbours, with other countries, to be sure that this problem is solved in the proper way. So were not really minimizing the problem, no. Asked at what point military action could be necessary, Gorbachev made the pointed observation that lately US leaders had been much better at getting into wars than ending them. Well, I think all Americans, including reporters, I think are itching for military measures, Gorbachev said. Your presidents like a war or two, and then they dont know how to extricate, how to pull out. You are having difficulty pulling out of Iraq and then there is Afghanistan. So, have another war again? No, I dont think so. I think that everyone now in the US, more people in the US, believe that the diplomatic process, the six-plus-one diplomatic process, can succeed. This can be done, he said. And therefore we should continue the reductions of nuclear weapons, including in the country that would like to use it against Iran, he said, making an oblique reference to Israel.