ISLAMABAD - There is huge potential for investments in agriculture sector of Pakistan and demand for fertilizers has increased due to farmers' awareness so the better returns of agriculture produces are expected, Federal Minister for Food & Agriculture, Nazar M. Gondal said on Thursday. The minister was holding a meeting with foreign investor Nicolas Martin, Chief Financial Officer of Ashore, UK and Ahmed Jaudet Bilal, CEO Agritech, at his office here on Thursday. "We would welcome and encourage foreign investment in the agriculture sector and other industries related to the sector. Fertilizers are one area where the local demand increases annually and the country has to import the commodity to fulfil the domestic requirements," the minister said. The agriculture is crucially important for our national economy and any industry related to this sector would be encouraged and facilitated to work and flourish", he maintained. Nicolas Martin said that his company is interested to invest in Pakistan especially in the fertilizer industry owing to the increasing demand of the country. He said that investment for farm mechanisation could also be initiated. He discussed other potential areas for investment like value addition to agriculture produces, tractors manufacturing, etc. The minister said that there is even a greater emphasis on agriculture sector with the passage of time. "We have increased the support price of wheat that has resulted into surplus wheat and encouragement for the farmers. The farmers are now willing to reinvest on their crops to get even better results which has eventually increased the demand for fertilizers and other inputs", said the minister.