I would like to draw the attention of higher authorities of DHA administration of Karachi to the miseries of defence central library (DCL) members. DCL administration has decided to decrease functioning days of DCL which was previously opened for 365 days a year. DCL members are surprised and distressed to learn that administration of DCL has decided to close down library on Fridays and first and third Saturdays of every month. There are almost five hundred regular members of DCL since there is no other library in the proximity. Therefore members of DCL are ready to pay any fee. Perceiving the helplessness of students and believing in opportunism DCL administration behaves rudely with students and recently announced to increase fee. Non DHA members of DCL have to pay one thousand per month. What is happening in our country? On one hand, the Sind government plans to close down 1150 school on grounds of non-viability and non-feasibility and on the other, DCL administration has decided to decrease functioning days. There are also DHA clubs and other entertaining centres which remain open 365 days a year. If there is any deficiency of funds then these clubs should be closed instead of libraries. Libraries are assets of a country and they remain open throughout the year in other countries. Where should hundreds of students appearing in different competitive examination like FCPS GRE CSS and PCS go for reading. In 2008, eight students from DCL succeeded in CSS. It is the responsibility of the government to provide access to education. Knowledge is the fundamental and constitutional right of every citizen. Library provide suitable environment for studies and creates reading habits. We request the authorities to take strict and speedy action. DR MUHAMMAD ALI SHAHANI, Karachi, December 9.