ISLAMABAD - All the CNG vehicle owners has been asked to use certified CNG cylinders and kit in their vehicles and get them tested from trained personnel after every five years. A spokesman of Oil and Gas Regulator Authority (OGRA) also advised the owners to get their vehicle’s CNG system inspected at least once in a year from a trained technician.

He said the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a high-pressure gas for which specially designed and fabricated seamless cylinders manufactured in accordance with prescribed standard should be used in vehicles. Only the valid licensees/CNG Stations have been authorized to convert vehicles to CNG at their respective facilities. The Authority has asked both public and private vehicle owners to use only approved brands for their own safety and interest.LPG, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene cylinders are not meant for the CNG  use so that never use these cylinders as they cannot withstand CNG pressure of 200 Bars and therefore will explode causing loss of life and property.Director General Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Arif Mehmood on Sunday said prolonged Winter season across the country may affect Mango production this summer. Talking to APP, Arif Mehmood informed that another weather system has entered into Northwest Balochistan today which will cause more rains in different parts of the country.