LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that corruption has weakened the foundations of the country and all records of corruption have been broken in the tenure of the inefficient federal rulers.

In a message on International Anti-Corruption Day, the chief minister said the aim of progress and prosperity could not be achieved in a country where corruption was rampant. He said the societies which were governed by corrupt rulers were destroyed.

“Zardari gang has looted national resources and pushed the country towards darkness while national institutions have been ruined. The recent report of Transparency International has exposed the record corruption of Zar Bana Forty Thieves,” he added.

He said that while on the one hand the federal rulers were looting national resources ruthlessly, on the other hand they were showing criminal negligence towards solution to people’s problems which was shameful.

The chief minister said the Punjab government had promoted transparency and merit at every level and it was free from corruption. He challenged that he would quit politics if corruption of even a single penny was proved in the projects of Punjab. He said all segments of the society would have to play their role for eradication of corruption.

Shahbaz said the masses would totally reject corrupt rulers in the upcoming general elections and an honest leadership would come forward which would put the country on the road to progress and development.

Also, Shahbaz said the splendid welfare-oriented project of Metro Bus Service was heading towards completion and with the launching of Metro Bus Service the temporary inconvenience of citizens would change into permanent relief while the critics would also be silenced.

Presiding over a meeting to review the pace of work on Metro Bus Service, on Sunday, the chief minister said the project would be a unique example of speed, transparency and standard. He said the project would bring about a revolutionary change in transport system.

“The poor have equal right over resources and by spending billions of rupees on public welfare projects, the Punjab government is upholding the rights of the poor,” .

Shahbaz said no compromise would be made on the quality of the project and in case of any complaint the persons responsible would not be spared. Expressing his dissatisfaction over the pace of work on the route of metro bus from Qadaffi Stadium to Ichara, the chief minister directed that the work should be accelerated and completed within the stipulated period.

“Kalma Chowk is being made signal-free through construction of underpasses so that the citizens should not face any inconvenience,” he added.

He said that the foundation stone of the new bridge at the River Ravi would soon be laid and it would also be a masterpiece of architecture. He directed that the flow of traffic at Chungi Amarsidhu and Azadi Chowk should be improved and the number of pedestrian bridges should be increased.

He said that the contractors working on metro bus project should continue to work with commitment and utilise all their energies for the early completion of this project.

LDA Director General and Project Director Metro Bus while informing about the pace of work on the route of metro bus service informed that the work was continuing speedily on various sections and all possible resources were being utilised for its completion within the timeframe.