NANKANA SAHIB - Buyers of sugarcane are fleecing the farmers by buying sugarcane at Rs150 per 40 kg instead of Rs170 rate fixed by the government and showing lesser weight of the produce.

However, the farmers are feeling embarrassment to supply their produce to the mills. They complained that some exploiters have established illegal weighing bridges without any permission from the district administration and are busy looting them.

However, Assistant Commissioner Nabeela Irfan conducted raids on 10 weighing bridges of sugarcanes on the Nankana-Shahkot Road. On the orders of the AC, eight FIRs have been lodged against Muzhar, a resident of Chak Wattoowan, Imran, Zulfiqar Ali, Aamer Rasheed, Ilyas, Rana Asad, Hamad Ali, Azhar Hussain. However, Muhammad Aslam and Muhammad Boota were fined Rs20,000 each for cheating in weight. She said that no one would be allowed to exploit the farmers.

TRAFFIC JAMS: Traffic jams on Nankana roads have become a routine matter due to vehicles overloaded with sugarcane during the ongoing crushing season across the district.

One of the district sugar mills is situated on the Nankana Bucheki Road. Thus, frequent traffic jams are seen on the road thereby cutting off the road link between the adjacent towns. The farmers have started supplying sugarcane to the mills to avoid further loss to the weight of their sugarcane. Traffic movement on the other roads linked to the Bucheki Road has increased while parked vehicles on the road are frequently seen causing traffic jams. The local people have demanded that the government should take steps to ensure smooth flow of traffic during the crushing season.