MULTAN - Former prime minister and Pakistan People's Party Senior Vice President Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that he was contemplating filing a review petition in Supreme Court in his disqualification as the situation had changed after writing of the letter to Swiss Authorities.

While talking to reporters at the residence of Syed Ahmed Mujtuba Gilani on Sunday, the former prime minister claimed that the PML-N wanted delay in general elections due to incomplete development works.

He pointed out that the PPP was a political party which flourished under an ideology.  He claimed that successive dictators failed to event made a dent in the Pakistan People's Party while the parties created overnight had lost their identities.

Yousuf Raza Gilani asserted that the PML-N was not an ideological party and therefore its workers lacked any ideological ground or ideology. He asserted that many leaders had quit the PML-N before the exile of Sharif brothers to Saudi Arabia.

Gilani observed that ideology was essential for bringing revolution and no one can bring revolution by curving out forward blocs. He maintained that he was punished by ousting from the government for raising voice for Seraiki province.

Gilani argued that only those leaders remained popular who worked for the public and.

To a query about future parliament, he pointed out that it would be difficult for any political party to run government alone in the presence of hung parliament.  He, however, added that the political party having temperament of PPP could run the government in such situation.

The former premier claimed that the eradication of corruption was not the responsibility of federal government alone but the provincial governments were also responsible to control the menace.

Gilani maintained that it was beauty of Charter of Democracy (CoD) that PML-N supermo Nawaz Sharif had longed for Prime Ministership for third time. About the construction of Kalabagh dam, he observed that any decision in this regard should be taken after a national consensus.

The former PM said that the provinces were enjoying complete autonomy after the passage of 18th Amendment.  When asked about Khurshid Shah's statement about Nawaz Sharif that he would not be dragged into Asghar Khan's case, Gilani sarcastically mentioned his own trial by NAB and other institutions. Gilani said that the economic condition of the country was not as gloomy as was being painted.  He expressed the hope that Karachi would soon get back to normalcy.