PESHAWAR - Awami National Party Chief, Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that construction of Kala Bagh Dam is not in the interest of the federation, so the judiciary should not deliver its decisions regarding any controversial and disputed project.

“We have clearly conveyed the message that we will not accept such a decision of the court which is against the spirit of federation and in the interest of a single province,” he said this while briefing journalists regarding meeting of the party provincial executive committee here at Officers Mess Peshawar. He said that there are several alternate projects like Basha Dam and Kut Zara Dam, which are more feasible than Kala Bagh. He said that they are not against Punjabi brothers and they consider them like our elder brothers, as Punjab is a major unit of federation. He said that Punjab government and the people of Punjab should not indulge themselves in such controversial project, which endangers the unity of this country. 

Regarding peace in Afghanistan, he said that both Pakistan and Afghanistan should not point finger at each other and they should build an atmosphere of trust and brotherhood. He said that peace in Pakistan is linked with peace in Afghanistan and in this regard both the country should take tangible steps to remove the trust deficit.

Regarding Karachi situation, Asfandyar Wali Khan said that President Asif Ali Zardari should hold a meeting with all the stakeholders to chalk out practical plane for everlasting peace in Karachi. He said that the problems will not be resolved if Urdo speakers and Pashto speaker blaming each other but the solution lies to take action against the criminals belonging to any party.

He said that in the upcoming election ANP would keep its door open for every one, however the party has the capacity to fight the upcoming election on the basis of performance. He said that ANP would win seats from those areas where they have no majority in the past. He said that by the mercy of God Almighty ANP has fulfilled 99 percent of its manifesto and task has been assigned to Provincial President Afrasiab Khattak to form a committee for a new manifesto.

Regarding talks with Taliban, he said that they know the way of dialogue if they surrender and keep their weapons in cupboards.