MULTAN - A farm labourer was mauled to death by hounds set on him by a landowner in Shujabad on Sunday.

According to police, landowner Allah Bakhash and Asif had a dispute with farmer Muhammad Hanif of Summan Mai village. They allegedly tied the farmer with a rope and set their hunting dogs on him. The dogs tore him apart.

The labourer, a father of three, died in hospital on Sunday, 16 days after the dog attack on November 23. Police said Hanif, a donkey-cart owner, was critically injured. He was first shifted to Shujabad Civil Hospital and later to Multan Nishtar Hospital due to unavailability of anti-rabies vaccine. The victim of barbarism could not survive and died Sunday at Nishtar Hospital. Doctors said poison had spread in his body.

Police filed a case and started investigation.