LAHORE - While felicitating the party candidates on their victory in the by-elections, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif on Sunday said that his party would get a two-thirds majority in the general elections. Addressing a party meeting at Raiwind, the PML-N chief said the rulers had neither policies nor wisdom to steer the country out of darkness, so there was a dire need to get rid of them. He asked the winning candidates to work hard and serve the people selflessly for further victories in the general elections. “The PML-N will sweep the coming polls with a two-thirds majority,” he claimed. Nawaz said the national institutions were on the verge of destruction despite the fact that the rulers had obtained foreign loans worth billions of dollars. “Had the democratic setup not been toppled on October 12, 1999, Pakistan would have been among the developed countries,” he averred. Nawaz further said Pakistan was facing serious challenges such as energy crisis, terrorism and extremism and there was a need for strenuous efforts to solve the problems. He said destiny of the country could only be changed through hard work and sincerity. “Pakistan will again be put on the road to development and prosperity if PML-N comes to power,” he claimed. He appreciated the merit policy of the Punjab government and said it had protected deserving persons’ rights. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, while addressing the meeting, said the corrupt rulers had given nothing to the masses except problems, darkness and despondency. Quoting a report1 of Transparency International, he said corruption of Rs 7 billion was being committed daily in the country and the loot and plunder of resources had pushed the country to the brink of disaster. He urged the need to change the existing corrupt system and rid the country of the corrupt rulers. He said their political opponents were in a state of shock over the thumping success of Muslim League-N in the by-elections. Shahbaz said Nawaz Sharif was a ray of hope for the people of Pakistan and under his leadership all the problems being faced by the country would be solved.Congratulating the PML-N candidates on their victory, Shahbaz Sharif asked them to exploit all their energies to solve the people’s problems and serve them with dedication. He said the thumping success of PML-N was the result of public service, the party policies and the merit policy of the Punjab government. He expressed the hope that PML-N would also win the general elections. Addressing the meeting, MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif said the people of Pakistan loved Nawaz Sharif and supported his policies by dint of which a thumping victory had been achieved in the by-elections. He claimed PML-N had emerged as the strongest party of the country and was determined to solve all the problems. PML-N leader Ch Jaffar Iqbal also spoke on the occasion.