ISLAMABAD - Despite the persistent mistrust and allegations and counter-allegations of unprovoked firing incidents both Islamabad and New Delhi are struggling to resolve their disputes through peaceful means, sources said on Sunday.

“The frequent unprovoked firing between Indian and Pakistani security forces manning the international border and the LoC is the reflection of a routine affair being managed by New Delhi and Islamabad through a ceasefire,” diplomatic and military sources told TheNation. Background discussions and interviews suggest that the allegations and counter-allegations of unprovoked firing incidents between Islamabad and New Delhi is a low-key routine affair that ends up shortly through flag meetings of the field commanders.

Commenting on the incident of unproved by the Indian security forces in Kashmir, the sources said that these are just routine incidents, which the Pakistani forces do retaliate in defence, but the situation is brought to normal through the flag meetings.

The sources also referred to Sialkot sector where Indian forces frequently resort to unprovoked firing as it happened recently and that such incidents some times cause serious damage to human lives. They were of the view that such low-key incidents cannot be stopped until and unless Delhi and Islamabad make serious efforts to resolve their bilateral disputes including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. “With the given animosity that continues as result of number of conventional wars the good thing is that both the nuclear neighbours are engaged even though in snail-paced peace talks to avoid any major flare-up that could threaten peace,” the sources said.

They were upbeat that the ongoing peace talks between both the sides under the strategic dialogue process would greatly help the two countries to resolve their disputes for the larger interest of peace and stability in the region.