A lot of accidents occur every year in Pakistan in which precious lives, property and assets of this country are lost. The authorities either don’t seem to take such incidents very seriously nor do they have the capacity to look into it adequately. I feel that it is primarily due to the fact that there are no professional investigators in to find out the reason of accidents, e.g., fire eruption in houses, shops, plazas, shopping centres, public places hence they can’t really suggest any preventive measures in the future. However, in the Pakistan Air Force, there is an extremely good system of accident investigation, especially in case of an aircraft related incident like air crash, engine or structural problem or failure in the air or ground in which the accident is investigated by dedicated and trained professionals, which later brings up a solution or advice to the concerned on how to avoid such mishaps in the future. That’s why our Air Force has remarkably maintained one of the lowest accident rates in the world despite its limited resources in which it has to defend its aerial and geographical boundaries along with the safe keeping of its personnel and equipment. Therefore, I suggest that the government should take a page from their book on how a proper accident investigation system can be maintained to avoided loss of precious lives and assets.


Karachi, December 7.