ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) secretary, Abdul Wahab Marwat is spoiling all the achievements of Pakistan number 1 woman squash player Sadia Gul as he has given a totally irresponsible statement in an international newspaper regarding the player's age.

Earlier, Punjab Secretary Rana Tariq had also given such a statement and instead of taking any action against the said official, the PSF secretary tried to endorse his statement.

In his statement, Wahab has alleged that Sadia was overage but she was still playing in U-19 category. One simple question needs to be answered by the federation is when a player goes to media to seek justice, it considers it a heinous offence. But when the secretary of the federation gives such an unethical statement against a player before media and that too at international level, who is supposed to teach him the etiquettes and hold him accountable for bringing not only the game into disrepute but also denting the future of a player?

Ever since the current management has taken over the PSF affairs, the current SVP and the secretary are committing countless blunders. The current PSF top brass has totally failed to provide any benefit to players. Instead they just kept on making tall claims but have failed to produce a single player in last many years. They have completely manipulated the facts regarding players sending to abroad for different PSA events as the federation high-ups are interested only to send only their blue eyed players to abroad while the genuine players are shown the door just because they don't have any say.

Pakistan squash is lacking far behind even when it comes to men players. As far as female players are concerned, there is hardly any player who could bring glory for the country at international stage. Sadia has now won back-to-back international titles in Karachi and is probably the one and only real hope of the country to earn silverware in international competitions. But for reasons known better to him, the PSF secretary is busy in denying her and maligning her name. The truth is, he is not letting down Sadia or players like her, but is letting down his own country and federation. Before Sadia's emergence on the national scene, Maria Toor was the most promising talent of the country but she got fed up with the federation’s behaviour and opted to leave the country and settled down in Canada.

Now the secretary may be wants same thing to be repeated in the case of Saida. Sources confirmed to this correspondent that on the behest of the secretary, Sadia is not allowed to concentrate on her practice, as it has become usual that her practice court was given to others or being forced to left the court with rough treatment and mental torture. Despite this correspondent's repeated attempts to contact Sadia or her father Sher Khitab to seek their version, they refused to comment on that. Her father said and said that he would inform the media my future line of action within few days.

What would happen to Pakistan squash if Sher Khitab also decides to leave the country and accept the offer from numerous countries who are more than willing to hire Sadia’s services? Who would be responsible for forcing her to leave the country? If she left the country, none other but only the PSF and its secretary must be held responsible of depriving country of such a talented future star who has already started to give more than desired results.

Meanwhile it is also reliably learnt that Sadia's father has lodged an official complaint last with Asian Squash Federation (ASF) and the PSF against the false results displayed on the website of the ASF, in which Sadia was declared a semi-final loser in the DG Rangers Squash Championship despite the fact that she was the winner of the event, but they have turned a deaf ear. They said championship was arranged for and played under the control of the PSF, therefore, responsibility for conveying the false result rest with the federation. The purpose of sending these false results to the Asian Federation was to discourage and undermine the Sadia's achievements. Even by using these dirty tactics, they can't stop her from becoming a world champion one day as during her meetings with this scribe she had reiterated her desire and hunger to bring glory for the country no matter what may come in her way.

It is the national and moral obligation of PSF president Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafiq Butt to look into this matter of grave concern and provide justice to the countries rising female star and launch a proper inquiry into this matter.

But this should be done under the chair of some reputed persons, not the same SVP, who had previously also saved the skin of the former secretary, and has offered his unconditional support to this secretary too despite numerous complaints of wrong doings not only from players and parents but also from the former greats too.