What has happened to the Captain of Pakistan Blind T20 cricket team Zeeshan Abbasi in India provides a peep into a mindset sordid to the core where everything is justified in the name of rivalry. One Indian newspaper has reported that Zeeshan accidentally drank diluted phenyl in his hotel mistaking it for mineral water. First of all, the Indian media remained mum over the incident for three days until it was denounced by Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. It is beyond anyone’s comprehension that a bottle of diluted phenyl could be served as mineral water right on the breakfast table where foreign team members were being entertained. Had some incident of this nature occurred in Pakistan, the cricketing world would have raised a fuss hard to imagine. But in this case, the International Cricket Council is completely silent. It must initiate a serious inquiry which is needed in order to help avoid recurrence of such mean jokes. The cricket series between Pakistan and India would be held soon which calls for advanced security arrangements. One should also keep in mind the threat hurled by Shiv Sena the extremist organization that they would not let the scheduled matches to be played. Bal Thakrey’s son, who is now heading the Bharatiya Janata Party’s militant wing, has repeated similar threats. It is also hoped that Pakistan Cricket Board’s security team which visited India to observe security arrangements has looked into every aspect.