PESHAWAR - Dr Mohammad Ishaq of district Nowshera has been awarded Masters and Doctorate in Epidemiology degrees by the University of Minnesota Minnepolis, USA.

He earned GPA of 3.7/4.0 in each Masters and PhD degree programmes. The subject matter of his doctorate thesis of 155 was how youngsters get to tobacco and illicit use (TD) under the influence of parents and peers. It was illustrated into two sections, such as preadolescence era where children spend most of their time in company with parents.

At this stage of childhood development a preadolescent with blank mind cigarette, Huqqa, opium, derivatives depending on their educational status. The growing child will continue to follow parent attitude and behaviour towards TD either by copying actively or passively sitting beside parents and just inhaling. In either way the preadolescent is physically harmed.

In the second phase an adolescent is exposed to TD at educational institutions or at work place. Here an adolescent is highly vulnerable to peers attitudes and behaviors to ward TD, depending on his educational grades or level of education.

If he or she has an earlier exposure at home and is still continuing with same habit, then will select peers with likewise behavior to make a strong community.