Do we really need guns and cannons, drones and bombs, particularly when we don’t have sufficient food for our innocent children, medicines for our ailing patients and books for our deserving students? Certainly not; we will have to decide what we need and what we do not. The wrong prioritizing is always the basic flaw that leads a society to a catastrophic destruction. Peace could never be possible in the presence of weapons. No war can last longer if the confronting armies run short of arms and ammunition. For a safer and a prosperous future of the world, all we need is to put a check on the manufacturing, production, trade and supply of weapons. Issues, particularly the conflicting issues are an integral part of life, but these issues must be settled through talks and negotiations, not by use of force. Peace and harmony must be the top priority for everyone, at an individual as well as at regional level. ‘World needs peace’ must be the most important slogan for all of us.

Pakistan and India are two democratic neighboring countries whose bilateral relationship always plays an inevitable role in promotion of the regional peace and prosperity. If these two countries had been on friendly terms and relations, the present scenario along and across their borders would not have been filled with hostility and enmity. Unfortunately other than the innate natural disliking for each other, there are so many issues which always add distress to the already growing distances between these countries. It is true that the natural feeling of disliking can never be rooted out but we can do a lot to uproot the issues adding to this disliking. These issues include water conflict, the Kashmir dispute, the problem of Sir Creek and certainly the scourge of terrorism veiled behind extremism.

All these issues can be settled through negotiations and table-talks but the basic thing the two countries need is the will to solve the issues and shorten the distances. Pakistan sincerely wants Kashmir issue to be resolved as per the wishes of Kashmiri people according to the UN Charter and same would be the desire of peace loving stratum of the Indian society. It is high time the people of India joined hands with the people of Pakistan and seek a peaceful way of resolving the ever-pending Kashmir issue.


Multan, December 7.