She was honoured at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards on Wednesday evening, but Cate Blanchett admits that winning accolades for her work as an actress is often bittersweet.

The 46-year old added the Longford Lyell award to a growing collection that already includes two Best Supporting Actress Academy Awards, three BAFTA’s and three Golden Globes at Sydney venue Star Casino on Wednesday evening.

But speaking to Daily Mail Australia shortly after receiving the honour, Cate admitted that being the recipient of such accolades prompts concern that she was reaching veteran status.

‘Do I worry that it’s over? That this is my obituary? Yes,’ she said. ‘You have to find the next challenge. You know I’m not frightened of leaving something - it’s always “what’s next.” ‘The wonderful thing about being in a creative industry is that you don’t terminate the relationship just because the camera has ceased to record what you’re doing - those relationships flow on through many different pockets of our industry. I don’t feel frightened, I feel excited.’

The actress took centre stage in a demure black evening dress as she posed for photos with the award backstage at the Sydney venue.

Cate had previously called for more Aussie actors on screen as she tearfully accepted one of the highest honours in the Australian film industry. Directors, including Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard and Robert Redford delivered video messages congratulating the actress.

Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese both lamented the fact they’d only had the chance to work with Blanchett once and would love to do it again. ‘You are brilliant and you do honour to your craft,’ Ron Howard said. The director of her upcoming film Carol, Todd Haynes, called the actress ‘A beacon, a galaxy and a mensch.’