I’m writing to point out the rising influence of video games on today’s youth. Today the video game industry is the strongest out of the television or film industry. Especially mobile games are now becoming the part of our daily life. Games like clash of clans and candy crush earning billion of US dollars every year. Although it’s good for the gaming industry that their games are doing business, but it has a negative effect on our youth.

First, it is unfortunate that video games played by our children are not only a way of isolating themselves but it also produces terror and violence in them. In games weapons are the most attractive characteristics and player job is to kill people.

Second, games have adult content producing nudity and sexuality in kids. Characters of the games wear indecent clothes which could be the reason for growing rape in our community.

As excess of anything is bad, we need to limit children’s video game playing to an hour a day and divert their mind to some physical games like football, cricket and basketball. It’s good for both mind and body.


Rawalpindi, November 17.