If I were to describe events of rampant political-violence in Pakistan over the last 27 years I would have several books written by the end. Therefore seeing the incident that occurred on 31st of October in Khairpur, which killed eleven people outside a polling station, shouldn’t have surprised me, however, it did.

Why do we proudly claim that we have a democratic nation when we don’t uphold the moral values needed to support it? The reason these acts of violence surprise me every time is because a Muslim is killing another Muslim. I cannot sit down and be conditioned to accept this as ordinary when the Islam I have been taught condemns it. I will be hurt and surprised every time.

I urge all leaders running for elections, now and in the future, to state that if any of their supporters commit acts of political-violence that they are not representatives of their political party, they are not representatives of Pakistan, and they are not representatives of Islam.


Rawalpindi, November 17.