Cancer is considered generally as death sentence to anyone who is diagnosed with it. His or her friends, family and almost everyone who comes to know about it thinks that its just a matter of days or even hours for the patient.

No doubt this disease is very dangerous and early diagnosis and proper treatment is very important but we must not forget that if someone from our social circle comes to face cancer, we should respond positively and try to give that person hope and courage to fight against it. There are many cancer care facilities in Pakistan now. We have Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital which is by far the best of its kind in the country where we can get all the required medical care for cancer patients.

My personal experience enables me to tell others that this hospital is providing medical facilities to its patients according to international standards without any discrimination of poor and rich. Same staff, doctors, same rooms, same medicine, same food, same criteria of induction/acceptance of patients for treatment and equality all around.

I have experiences all this during the time I spent with my uncle who was there for cancer treatment. Being a paying patient we saw many other patients who were there in such condition where one can easily know that they cannot pay for such costly treatment. It’s a real blessing for such patients to have a hospital where they can get state of the art medical care for free. Now I have heard and read that another Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is going to open in Peshawar by the end of this month. It is a great achievement for the nation and I wish all the very best to the management of SKM for its success.


Lahore, December 9.