Do you think terrorism and militancy across the globe have emerged as a big business and industry for both “Donors and Donees”? A lot of donors and donees are available now in international market of terrorism in 21st and many traditional investors are doing business in this in this area of investment. Who is making profit from this explosive business of fire and who are the losers and victims? My answer is, as usual, First World is making profit by investing in terrorism industry and Third World is the loser and victim. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Libya, these are some shooting sites and episodes of this film and business of terrorism and this multi-donor and billion-dollar film has done a lot of business up till now and it will do business till the end of 21st century. In this film of terrorism, a big confusion is that its difficult to find out who is the hero and who is the villain and especially, who owns the copy rights and when this film was released?

Syria is the most recent shooting venue for this film and business of terrorism and Syria has become a good hunting ground for big crocodiles like USA, Russia, Britain and France. These countries are using their best weapons and strategies there in Syria to outclass other fighting competitors just to get either “throne or booty”. Political leaderships of all these countries first played a major role in destabilizing Syria politically especially in last 10 years and these countries have installed and financed number of terrorist actors and factories in form of Syrian militant rebel groups, and secondly now these big crocodiles are all emphasizing that we want peace in Syria. Do you think it’s funny and ridiculous logic and way of operation? My answer is that this logic and vicious plan are testified and it is profitable in the long run for USA, Britain, Russia and France, but Third World countries are the losers and victims in this drama of terrorism. It is the time tested policy of USA and big European powers that first they create a problem in Third World and then they come with a solution and in all this process, their dominancy is maintained on the Third World.

Analysts of Third World are always busy in either supporting or condemning religious militancy and wasting time analyzing the barbarianism and atrocities of Al-Qaida, Daish, Boko-Haram, Taliban, Houthis and dozens of other groups, but in my point of view these groups are just “Donees”, “puppet like film characters” and “cast and crew” and the most relevant thing is that there is dire need to expose the big global game of power, capital and dominancy of their international donors, producers and directors.

So terrorism is a pure business now and nothing else and it is the best working definition of this word terrorism, and shares of terrorism industry will be ready for sale in Wall Street soon.


Faisalabad, November 18.