“I can’t imagine why a media company views a law preventing the commission of hate speech as a restriction on media freedom, but it is probably similar to how some religious folk view hate speech as being essential to religious freedom.”

–Christina Engela

The fine line between what constitutes as freedom of speech and hate speech is inadvertently being tested every day. With people trolling personalities on social media sites and establishing their point of view as far more superior than those they believe to be meek-minded simpletons. It is this bigoted belief system that indoctrinates the masses with a disillusioned sense of self with no room for conjectures of any sort. Freedom of speech also requires itself to be practiced in a dignified and unimposing manner where people are not treated as expendable beings. Similarly, if we perceive the example of Qandeel Baloch who was degraded and disparaged on Facebook, the more intuitive lot should have thought that her means did not bestow her with the ability to see a clear difference between how she could commodify herself on her own terms and how others we responsible of misusing her. People such as her should be spared such crass scrutiny and simply treated as emblems of our entertainment industry.