MOSCOW - French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Sunday urged US President Donald Trump not to interfere in French domestic affairs, local media reported.

“I say to Donald Trump, and the French president [Emmanuel Macron] also says to him: we do not participate in the US debate, leave us to be engaged in the life of our nation,” Le Drian told the LCI broadcaster.

On Saturday, Trump said via Twitter that the political crisis in France could be resolved by revising the participation in the Paris agreement and give money now allocated to reducing harmful emissions back to the people.

The Paris climate deal, created within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, went into force on November 4, 2016. It has been ratified by 184 of the 195 signatories to the accord. The deal aims to keep the increase in average global temperature at below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels by means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Yellow vest” protests, named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers, have been shaking both the mainland country and its overseas territories since November 17. Discontent was sparked by rising gasoline prices, which were set to go up further in 2019 under the government’s policies on fighting emissions.

Over 1,700 detained during Yellow Vest rallies

The number of those detained by police during Yellow Vests protests in France on Saturday has risen to over 1,700, local media reported Sunday, citing the French Interior Ministry.

According to the BFMTV broadcaster, a total of 1,723 people were detained during the protests, with 1,220 of them taken into custody.

As many as 1,082 protesters were detained in the French capital alone.

On Saturday, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced that around 125,000 people participated in the protests nationwide, while the number of those detained had reached 1,385.

France has been facing a wave of mass protests since mid-November, when the so-called yellow vest protesters — named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers — took to the streets to rally against rising fuel prices and a planned hike in tax on diesel and carbon fuels. On Tuesday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that the fuel tax hike would be suspended for six months, which, however, failed to appease the protesters.

The yellow vest rallies have been marked by violent clashes with police officers, who have used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters.

Brussels police detain 450 people

As many as 450 people were detained in an unauthorized yellow vest protest in the Belgian capital of Brussels on Saturday, with 10 individuals having appeared in court, the city’s prosecutor’s office said.

“The Brussels Prosecutor’s Office can provide the following information. At this stage, the issuing of arrest orders has been confirmed for 10 people,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement, adding that as many as 450 people had been subject to administrative detention.

According to the statement, a minor was among those arrested by the police.

An unauthorized yellow vest rally began in Brussels at about 10:00 GMT on Saturday. The protest action has seen sporadic clashes between demonstrators and the police.

On November 30, yellow vests protests were held in Brussels, which resulted in dozens of detentions. The demonstration followed weeks of similar rallies against fuel tax increases, which have been raging in mainland France and its overseas territories since November 17.