MOSCOW - UK Prime Minister Theresa May might postpone the vote on the draft Brexit deal at the country’s parliament, which is due to be held on Tuesday, December 11, and travel to Brussels in a final attempt to ensure a better agreement for London, local media reported on Sunday. According to The Sunday Times newspaper, the cabinet ministers expect May to announce later on Sunday that she will head to Brussels to try to agree with the EU officials on better Brexit conditions for the United Kingdom. As a result, Tuesday vote at the parliament might be postponed to a later date, the news outlet added.

Meanwhile, the newspaper claimed that some of May’s most credible ministers were already planning a new referendum.

Last month, May defended a draft Brexit deal in the UK parliament’s House of Commons. The agreement faced criticism both from the opposition and the ruling party, with several members of May’s cabinet having resigned over disagreements with the deal. While some lawmakers called for a new Brexit referendum, May rejected the idea and called on the parliament to approve the agreement in order to avoid “more division” and “more uncertainty.” The agreement was endorsed by the leaders of the remaining 27 EU member states in late November.