ISLAMABAD - Four manufacturers have been issued notices on account of production of substandard beverages and fizzy drinks in the country during last few years. Four non-conformities against different carbonated companies were observed during the period, accordingly notices were served and product was re-called from market, sources at Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) said on Sunday. The Authority, working under administrative control of Ministry of Science and Technology has a complete mechanism under Section 14 of Act VI of 1996 and Pakistan Conformity Assessment Rule 2011 to check quality of carbonated beverages and other food items in the country as per international guidelines, practices and national standards. PSQCA is monitoring the quality of products through quarterly inspections of manufacturing units and market surveillance. PSQCA also takes samples of carbonated beverages and fizzy drinks in the country from open market for testing and analysis in accordance with Pakistan Standard Specifications (PSS) No.1654. The sources said during last three years, PSQCA issued 27 Licenses to carbonated beverage companies. The major manufacturers of carbonated beverages are in litigation with PSQCA in different courts of law.