KARACHI - Pakistan is one of the richest countries in the world which have a large amount of natural resources available including coal, gas, gemstones, copper, minerals and gold reserves, oil, iron, titanium and aluminium and so on.

Karachi University Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan expressed these views while speaking at a conference organised by the Department of Political Science and arranged by the Young Social Reformers, a group working on youth empowerment and progressive community development for a better world, at the Arts Auditorium, KU on Sunday.

The conference entitled “role of youth in relief and rehabilitation work for a constructive and prosperous Pakistan”, aimed to motivate the youngsters to discover and apply their abilities for the development of the society.

The KU VC mentioned that natural resources, productive agriculture lands are a necessity for any growing economy. “Being a scientist, I am telling you that our country is among the richest countries having large amount of natural resources.”

He shared his opinion that the country would start progressing well when all concerned stakeholders work together with positive energy. The country does not lag behind in terms of ability and if, all of us, use our skills then no one would stop us becoming a developed country.

“All stakeholders must utilize their abilities and skills to eradicate problems being faced by the country. The society cannot prosper without education and only those countries which have realized the importance of education are on the top of the world.”

He asked the students to learn from that those countries which do not give importance to education sector are far away from any kind of development and progress.

The Senator Imamuddin Shouqeen, shared that being a student we look at things differently but once we enter into our professional lives, it changes the whole scenario. He claimed that not a single doctor or teacher like to go in rural and under developed areas to perform duties.

“Recently, as per court’s directives, the government transferred over 100 doctors to perform duties in Thar and other affected areas but they objected that their household affairs are being effected due to the transfer orders. Despite the fact that to get government jobs they willingly show interest to work anywhere as per requirement.”