After reviewing the performance of ministries in meeting of the federal cabinet on Monday, the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has decided that the performance of all ministries and divisions would reviewed in a meeting, summoned every three months.

A PM’s office spokesperson said that the special cabinet meeting lasted for nine hours, during which reports from all the ministries and divisions were presented to the PM and he reviewed the performance of all 26 ministries. He said a date would be announced later on for assessment of remaining ministries and divisions.

According to a statement, issued from the PM office, discussions on actions already taken in terms of service delivery, austerity measures adopted and future plans were held in each case with a view how to improve performance under each of these heads further.

The PM also decided that these review meetings would be held every three months to judge performance of the ministries and adopt mid-way course corrections. It was also decided that every ministry would further be tasked with a specific strategic plan for implementation.