In an unprecedented move, the President House has been opened for public. The decision is to allow people to visit the space twice a month and familiarise themselves with the governing bodies. While this is a carefully thought out move and comes as a result to bridge the gap between the masses and the policymakers, such decisions must be taken with extreme caution and a vision that will generate a revenue for the government.

A growing concern should also be security matters and a strict scrutiny of those who enter. In addition to that, there will be an extra cost for the maintenance of the place post these visits. In order to turn this situation in favour of both the government and the masses, the government can increase interaction with the lawmakers of the state via these visits. Along with this, these visits can serve as a ground of awareness campaigns. Pakistan is going to face an acute shortage of water along with effects of climate change. The increasing smog and the absence of environment friendly policies demand taking people on board with these initiatives.

The more interactive these visits are, the more people are bound to gain something substantial out of it. There is a plan to put the Constitution and several important law documents to be put on display. If the government hires people to explain them to the people along with a brief history, a sense of history will also be attached to the government of Pakistan, instead of people witnessing it as an alien force. The move to open the President House is a commendable action, however, the framework for its operation needs to be more pragmatic and public friendly.