FAISALABAD   -  It is a matter of grave concern that sports and physical activities have been declining in the country, and it becomes one of reasons of increasing ailment in the society, said University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice Chancellor Dr Zafar Iqbal Randhawa.

He was addressing the inaugural session of three-day inter-hostel sports gala of University of Agriculture Faisalabad at sports ground. It was arranged by Office of Chief Hall Warden and Directorate of Sports. He said that the University is introducing two credit hours sports course as minor in the degree programs in order to promote sports activities.

He viewed that a couple of decades ago, playgrounds were flooded with players in the morning and evening hours. But, it is really disturbing to note that now, trend has wiped out and now grounds present a deserted look.

He said that due to changing life style, the healthy activities are narrowing down in the society.

He said that sports are equally important not only for keeping oneself physical fit but also for a healthy mind.   He said that if a person is not physical fit, how can be good in studies as well.

He said that UAF was making all out efforts to promote sport actives in the students. He added that the stat-of-the-art sports facilities are being provided to students.

He said that there is a need for developing sportsman spirit among the youth to cope with different challenges in the life.

He said that a healthy food plan for players that are full of protein and vitamins are prepared at the campus. 

Chief Hall Warden Dr Amjad Aulak said that there is need to sensitize the society about the importance of exercise and sports for a healthy nation.

He said that as many as 26,000 students lived in the hostels. Assistant Directors Sports Farooq Iqbal and Ashiq Rasool also spoke on the occasion.