The all God’s creatures, despite the experts, wonder that why ongoing war never ends, why major countries of Asia are in third world, and affairs never get better. After a long war in Afghanistan approximately about 18 years, is and was about to come in to end but the involved parties are not showing any curiosity to get the problem solved.

Barack Obama when called the Taliban for the treaty in the response they disagreed. One cannot be well-thought-out wrong if they utter that in the present day era trump administration is not showing attentiveness for the solution of the problem. In 20th century all reach the agreement that war is not the solution of problem. And its publics, 42%, are living a poor life.

Everyday listening that a bomb blast killed sometimes 60, 70, even in a wedding party nearly 160 got injured and 80 lost their lives in one attack, we can conclude that suicide attack is common in Afghanistan. A report deep-rooted that 10,993 civilian causalities happened in the country including, 3,804 deaths and 7,189 injured in 2018 and 11% deaths increased as compared to 2017. In recent times, two days ago a bomb blast killed 9 schoolboys when they were going to school. The above mentioned data are the proof that how Asia is made busy with the conflict, like Syria, Burma, Iran, Afghanistan and etc.

However, rest of continents are developing well such as America, Germany, France, England are known is the most developed countries where the literacy rate is more than 90%

and talked about countries are totally away from war. Furthermore, war is not the solution; the demise of 85 million in World War 2 was not considered the solution. A question arises that what was, then, the solution. It was almost certainly the dialogues. It became the ultimate options of any war-surrounding region to get the stopped. Finally, ceasefire in Afghanistan is important especially for its neighboring countries and Asia.