KARACHI-International artist Saima Jamil is all set to hold an exhibition titled ‘Rihaai’ at Studio Seven today.

The Dubai-based artist will be presenting her pieces in her home country for the very first time. Jamil has been mentored by teachers from around the world including the well known artist Edward Sutcliffe.

She has also received an Art Diploma in Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College in Canada. She has previously exhibited her work internationally in various different countries including Canada, London and UAE.

Inspired by her own life journey, the paintings which will be on display are a portrayal of ‘Rihaai’ or ‘Freedom’ through the brush of an artist. At the exhibition we will get a glimpse into her incredible mind. Saima has stated that oil paints are by far her favourite medium as they give her the freedom of revisiting her paintings while still being able to work on them.

Oil paints are a medium which highly skilled artists usually use to best suit their creative expression.

Each painting is the manifested display of Saima’s vision towards absolute freedom of self and soul. Jamil is also an ardent follower of the renowned Sufi poet, Rumi.

Much of her earlier work is a reflection of her appreciation towards this mystic poet, as she has been painting the dervish for over a decade, and has mastered the movement of mind and body of the dancers. She says it is almost like meditation for her.

Ever since Saima was a child she had a passion for art, like second nature, she was compelled to draw, paint and create. She states, “Art has always been a part of me. I remember as a child, I would fill sketch books endlessly with my drawings. So it is not something I stumbled upon in life, it has been with me since the very beginning.” The series is very close to Saima’s heart where she dives deep to pour that vision onto a canvas. While painting these portraits Saima initially felt that the journey started with some confusion however, it wrapped up with the feeling of freedom in its totality.

She says she worked on not stop the series until it felt like her mind, body and soul were totally aligned. At the exhibition, we will get the chance to witness her expressive work and meet Saima in person.