The peaceful procession to commemorate the unforgettable sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his family was once again attacked following a similar dastardly attack on Ashura. Pakistans Shia Muslims have never been involved in violence, a fact that was manifestly emphasized again by the peaceful reaction of yesterdays procession. It was proof-positive of the fact that the devastation of the Bolton market had not been wreaked by the Shia community but some other elements intent upon destabilizing the peace of Karachi. It is, therefore, savage irony that only Shia young men were arrested and interrogated after the Ashura blast, even though, they were themselves the victims of this act of terrorism. But, then, that is what the pattern is. It is always the Shias that come under attack whenever the procession they take out every year in observance of their religious obligations gets hit by some mysterious act of terrorism. That is a clear mark of intolerance of the society we live in. -QAMAR CHEEMA, Lahore, February 6