Iranian ambassador Mashaallah Shakeri has said that Iran is determined to perpetuate its constructive policy in Pakistan despite ever-increasing security challenges. Pakistan, in its capacity as a Muslim neighbour, has a special status in the macro-strategy of the foreign policy of Iran, with a durable security, stability and allround development of Pakistan being Irans desire, the ambassador said in a message on the 31st anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran. The ambassador said Iran will spare no effort for the welfare and prosperity of the people of Pakistan. He said Pakistan suffered extensive losses and casualties in recent years on account of terrorism that had also influenced the strata of its society. However, he hoped that Pakistan would be able to overcome it with success, and move on to the path of durable development. On Pakistans energy needs, the Iranian ambassador said Iran was ready to meet them by means of transfer of electricity from Iran to Pakistan, and participation in improving the communication, highway and railway links between the two countries. He hoped that practical measures would be taken in the near future in this regard. Mashaallah Shakiri expressed the confidence that Pakistan government would make solid efforts for the recovery of Heshmatollah Attarzadeh, Commercial Attache of Irans Consulate General in Peshawar, who was abducted on November 13, 2008. On Pak-Iran relations, he said Pakistan resembles second home for the Iranian people and the ups and downs of the contemporary history attest to the consistent closeness and proximity between them. The common bonds in cultural, religious, civilization spheres and attachments between the two nations have already guaranteed the permanence and stability of ties between the two countries, he said. He said Iran and Pakistan are reminiscent of brotherhood and deep-rooted friendship aided by divine favour, adherence to the covenant of unity and understanding of the leaders of two countries. The ambassador mentioned that the government of Iran had put special attention towards expansion and deepening of ties with Pakistan in political, economic and cultural spheres. He said development and security constitute an important part of the macro strategy of the foreign policy of Iran vis-a-vis all the neighbouring states including Pakistan in view of having age-old cultural and political ties. He recalled that Iran was the first state in year 1947, which accorded recognition to the newly established country of Pakistan. Shakiri said during the years 2008 and 2009, exchange of high-ranking delegations between the two countries was indicative of the beginning of a new chapter in bilateral relations. He mentioned the visits of President Asif Ali Zardari to Iran and his meetings with Hazrat Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Iranian president Dr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad that paved grounds for the expansion and promotion of macro relations. He said on May 24, 2009, one of the strategic avenues of cooperation between Iran and Pakistan was materialized in the sphere of energy, and the gas pipeline agreement was signed in the presence of the presidents of two countries in Tehran. This agreement will be instrumental in bringing about a fundamental evolution in economic ties between the two countries, thus leading to development in Pakistan, and welfare and prosperity of the people of this country, he said. He said Iran has gone through three stormy decades in the several thousand year old history aided by courage, self-sacrifice and tireless efforts of the people that elevated the regional and international status of its system. Mentioning about the Islamic revolution, he said Iranians long years of struggle culminated on February 11, 1979 in the collapse of the despotic system as a result of a nationwide uprising. There continues to be present in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the attributes of freedom-seeking, independence-seeking and combating with colonialism akin to three fundamental slogans based on national harmony, he said. The Ambassador said Iran will have an important position in the year 2025 in economic, scientific and technical spheres at the regional level in perspective of its 20-year development plan, formulated within the framework of four five-year plans. In the field of foreign policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has constantly observed good neighbourliness, and has adhered to expansion of bilateral, regional and international relations with the neighbours and other countries.