KAERACHI - Government officials have assured Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) to release their activists who had been arrested after Karachi mayhem. It has been decided after successful negotiations between government and student union leaders on Tuesday night. It was also decided to form a five-member committee to resolve other disputes, 3 members from ISO while 2 from government. Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza talking to a private news channel said that the basic demand of ISO was to release her innocent Shiites persons who had been detained after Ashura mayhem. The government has assured them that 17 out of 22 detainees would be released on bail tomorrow. Besides, ISO took out rally and demanded fair investigation and honest compensation for all the affected families. Addressing the gathering, Moulana Abbass Waziri said, We are protesting against the atrocities on the day of Ashura and chehlum. He said that we address those who always carried out cruelties and heinous activities on the followers of Imam Hussein (RA) and we called them as the forces of Yazidiat. He warned, These forces must remember that they cannot stop us from following the path of sacrifice and fighting against the cruel. He urged upon the government to show sincerity with Pakistan by arresting those who were involved in this wicked game of shedding blood of innocent people of the country.