In our society, mothers-in-law always criticize their daughters-in-law but they seldom rebuke their own daughters. This strange twist of relationship seems to apply to our politicians as well, particularly to the Governor Punjab. Since the coming into power of this governmentsome actually call it a 'governmentthe terrorism hits has escalated manifold but our revered Governor has seldom criticized the federal government or Rehman Malik. He has never criticized the Sindh government either, no matter what happens in Karachiand plenty does. In matters having anything to do with the PPP government, he goes deep into hibernation and remains so. He only comes out of it as soon as there is this attack on Sheikh Rashid Ahmed in Rawalpindi. Lo and behold, without wasting a minute, he pounces upon the Punjab government for failing to provide proper security to Sheikh Rashid. Mr Taseer certainly knows how to strike when the iron is hot -AHMAD NADEEM JAMI, Rawalpindi, February 9.