ISLAMABAD (Online) The prices of chicken, mutton and beef have registered a dramatic surge during the last a couple of weeks, adding to consumers pain at a time when dairy items, fruits and vegetables have all seen price increases. Consumers in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are complaining that meat prices have broken all the previous records. We are really confused as what to do because the price of chicken has become almost equal to what the rate of mutton was a few days back, while the prices of mutton and beef too have jumped up. This is really worrying, said a customer at a shop at Karachi Company. Similarly, mutton is currently selling at Rs320 per kg in different markets of the capital while it was Rs300 only a couple of days ago. The boneless beef is available at Rs240 as compared to Rs220 a couple of days back. However, about rising chicken prices, the owner of another outlet said, Its one of the volatile markets. It just goes up and down. You get used to it. A livestock trader in Rawalpindi told this agency that there was shortage of animals as their supply from different areas of the country was not smooth. He said those arriving here were being sold at higher rates to butchers. In the past, many people preferred to buy chicken due to the high price of meat. But now they have no option as the prices of all the varities of meat have gone up, said a lady at Commercial Market in Rawalpindi. The rising prices of meat have also decreased the profit margins of restaurants and cafes. A restaurant owner at Aabpara said due to high chicken prices he was going to increase the rate of a full roast chicken from Rs260 to Rs300.