Iran has reportedly sent a few animals in space via a space rocket. These mice in space would, hopefully, cause some scare in the western world as sending animals in space used to be their exclusive excursion and sending animals in space is, usually, start of the technological domination. The fact is that after the duel of rockets between Hezbollah and Israel in 2008, Iran has been at the receiving end of a lot of threats, even though, no real action has been taken against it. One reason could be that Iran is probably already in possession of some kind of weapons of mass destruction. The other reason, of course, is that US cannot do without Irans support in Iraq and Afghanistan. The need for alliance with Iran would remain paramount for US unless it changes its strategy and courts Taliban in Afghanistan and Sunnis in Iraq, both of whom it prefers to kill at present in these two theatres of war. Oddly, the most hostile bit of US action in the region is always reserved for the docile ally, Pakistan, whom it mauls every other day with drone attacks on its territory and people. But that is because there is nobody incharge in Pakistan. One wonders why cant, for crying out aloud, our own space agency SUPARCO send a few mice or ants in space, or at least claim that it has, so that our enemies start to fear our technological prowess. As for our nuclear bomb, the enemies have successfully defused its threat by having it associated with the mercenaries that had proliferated our program though their security agencies. It invokes no fear in their hearts. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, February 7.