After 9/11, the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and captured both of these Islamic countries. It also dragged Pakistan into the international coalition for eliminating Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Once Pakistan was in it, it kept being sucked in the quagmire and now it is into it up to the neck; Washington keeps pressing it to do more as Islamabad keeps killing militants at home while new hordes of them keep germinating in the troubled tribal areas of the country. Meanwhile, maintaining that Pakistan was not doing the needful in a satisfactory manner, our old ally keeps sending drones to bomb our frontiers in flagrant violation of Pakistans territorial sovereignty. It is simply brushing aside Islamabads protestations on this constant 'hot pursuit of militants into the Pakistani territory. The war on terror is continuing with Pakistan paying the price for it. Our allies, meanwhile have focused their attention on something new; Pakistans nuclear assets. Is there an end in sight? The US and Britain have recently taken an interesting U-turn and are now calling for holding a dialogue with the 'amenable elements among the Taliban. The US has been saying in the past that Pakistans nuclear assets are safe but now a new term is being used which makes them 'safe but vulnerable. This is based on the presumption that they might fall into hands of the militants some day. It is quite obvious, though, that the axis powers have their evil eye fixed upon our nuclear arsenal and is trying to concoct an excuse to have access to them on one pretext or the other. Washington and London may mouth diplomatic inanities about being our friends, they are only concerned about their own interests. All the more reason that in view of this impending danger from 'our friends, we must not lower our guard, show laxity or relax even a little the foolproof security we observe in guarding the countrys nuclear assets and the nuclear scientists who have worked so hard to turn Pakistan into an atomic power. -UZMA. N. HANIF, Islamabad, February 6.