What softened Indians at this point of time for talks? Their national interest, of course, which our rulers serve by ignoring our own vital national interests, be it the matter of Kashmir or Baghlihar. It appears we approached the International Arbitration Commission only to concede legitimacy to the illegally-constructed Baghlihar dam. What dereliction of duty caused it to be made with us unaware and what incompetence forced us to agree to accept it with only a few minor design changes recommended by the arbitrator. I presume the same ignominy and defeat is in store for this incompetent government with our incompetent lead man Jamaat Ali Shah who blundered once, and shall do so again while claiming to be strictly following the articles of Indian Basin Treaty. Will the opposition, PML-N, PML-Q, TIP, JI, jurists and civil society, rise to the occasion and protect our national interests? They must make an effort to remove this anti-nation, anti-poor cartel of rulers which has devastated Pakistan in the last two years of its misrule. -A. M. ALI, Sahiwal, February 8.