The death of three US marines in a bomb blast in Lower Dir has confirmed what up till was being rejected as 'conspiracy theoriesthat a very strong US military footprint exists on the Pakistani soil. Moreover it reinforces the notion that this war is Americas war, as is evident from the US military, economic and intelligence commitment to it. The cover up stories of humanitarian work by USAID or guys on training assignment for the Frontier Constabulary notwithstanding, a clear pattern is increasingly evident that the Pakistani rulers and policymakers are working closely with their US counterparts to secure US interests in Pakistan at great, far too great a human, economic, political and military cost to the Pakistani people. One fails to understand how these rulers can oppose the Kerry-Lugar Bill and drone attacks on one hand but allow US marines, and even minions of US private security firms, to operate on Pakistani soil on the other. We often hear about the 'double-game being played by Pakistani policymakers in which we are forced to believe that the interests of people of Pakistan are covertly being secured through cooperation with United States. This bizarre assessment is beyond comprehension of the common man who can see that on issues of national security like Kashmir and Pakistans nuclear program and on matters crucial to our economic well being, a complete capitulation to the US has taken place. The shocking revelation of the death of US marines in Lower Dir, inaction over increased drones attacks in Pakistans tribal areas and the acceptance by the ANP leader, Bashir Ahmed Bilour, of the presence of US security firms in Pakistan, goes to show that a double-game is, indeed, being played by the Pakistani policymakers, but not with the US, rather its against their own people. -MOEZ MOBEEN, Islamabad, February 8.