KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has appealed to Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif and Director General ISI Zaheer ul Islam to stop ‘injustices’ with the Muhajir community.
Altaf Hussain made this appeal while addressing a Press conference via telephone held at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, Azizabad here on Sunday.
He said that there was a limit of human being’s tolerance after which a specific segment of society being singled out was forced to protest to get their demands met.
Accusing Law-Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including police and Rangers of killing MQM activists, he said that LEAs were arresting people of Muhajir community.
The practice of the giving third degree torture and carrying out extra-judicial killings was undemocratic treatment to Muhajirs in the garb of democracy, he added.
Quoting MQM worker Fahad Azizi`s extra judicial arrest and torture, MQM chief lashed out at police and called them "extortionist mafia". 
He questioned under whose direction the police was torturing MQM activists. Law-enforcers had crossed their limits undermining the democratic process of the country and MQM would not tolerate targeting of Muhajir community by LEAs under the grab of the on going targeted operation in Karachi, Altaf said.
Talking about the past incidents, in year 1992, COAS General Asif Nawaz announced to carry out an action against the 72 big fishes and assured that operation was not against the Muhajir community but action that resulted in the killing of about 15,000 people was diverted towards MQM.
It was on record that late General Asif Nawaz stated that if Pakistan Muslim League can split in groups then why MQM cannot be split, he added.
Asif even dictated Pakistan Army soldiers that Muhajirs were Indian agents, he said. MQM chief further said that Muhajirs were not Indian agents or US agents.He lamented that Muhajirs were and are always killed and conspiracies like ‘Jinnahpur conspiracy’ were hatched against them despite the community’s loyalty to Pakistan and sacrifices for its freedom and unity.
Citing examples, he said that Muhajir community sacrificed thousands of lives in establishment of Pakistan and in 1971 tragedy of East Pakistan to save county.
He said that Brigadier (Retd) Imtiaz should be asked, who designed Jinnahpur conspiracy.
Talking about PPP, he said that I was first who nominated the name of PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari for the President slot and helped the party about five years. I even spoke in favour of PPP but when I contacted former President he did not answer my calls, added. On the other hand, Zardari Presidency brought Zulfiqar Mirza who abused Muhajirs and declared them traitors.
‘Zardari I want to tell you that if these actions were not taken by you then you should know that your party leaders were playing a key role in this practice,’he said.
He questioned former President to if PPP is not involved in the conspiracy then PPP Sindh led government did not took the notice of the MQM Press conference regarding the extra-judicial killing of MQM workers .
Expressing grief over Sindhi attitude, he said that Sindhis state that Muhajirs too are Sindhis and accept that but when it comes to high public offices and Chief Minister slot, we are again called Muhajirs.
Altaf Hussain called upon COAS General Raheel Sharif to play role in providing justice to the Muhajir community and asked LEAs on whom direction they were carrying out these action against the Muhajirs that has resulted in missing of party workers and extra-judicial killings.
He warned that further ignorance in addressing the issue would harm Pakistan.
He further demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice extra-judicial killings of MQM activists.
He also demanded to arrest the police personnel involved in the extra-judicial arrest and killing of MQM workers .
MQM unconditionally supported the operation but it was revenge upon Muhajirs and all our reservations were trashed by Chief Minister Sindh and Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, he stated.
He said that Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan ignored to establish Monitoring Committee.
To a question, he said that if Army does not intervene on his request, his only hope will reside with Allah Almighty and he will be the last man to entice his community and party for war.
To another query, he said that I would not be held responsible, if Muhajir community does not listen to me and start rebellion.
MQM does not believe in war but peace, he added.