ISLAMABAD - The federal government may consider releasing a bunch of prisoners associated with TTP, currently languishing in jails, to facilitate the reconciliation process.
Sources disclosed to the scribe on Sunday that Pakistani authorities may have known it at front that chief commander of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan may demand release of its hardcore militants, languishing in jails established across the country. Thus, concerned authorities were tasked to compile the data of Taliban prisoners .
A top government official also endorsed the same information when contacted in this regard.
It was not clear, how would the government react if the chief commander of TTP demands, among other conditions, release of prisoners . However, the official sources believe the government may go ahead to any extant to make the 'peace deal' possible with TTP, a militant organization consisting of diehard militants, which has waged war against security forces since Pakistan stepped up in the war against terrorism as a frontline state in 2001 following the twin tower attacks in USA.
"I believe, government may go to an extra mile to make the talks fruitful. Even release of prisoners , if be demanded, may be considered," said the official. He, however, refrained himself from further commenting on the particular subject.
Power corridors in Islamabad were abuzz with immature reports coming from tribal areas. According to these reports, Taliban have put forward demands to go ahead to strike a peace deal. According to unconfirmed reports, among several other conditions, the Taliban commander has demanded of the government to release their men languishing in jails. Although, the federal government waits to get hold of original manuscript of demands put forwarded by TTP, officials say government may accept releasing of militants.
The sources said, the federal government was ready to accept this demand and concerned officials were already compiling the record of such prisoners , which endorsed the information of a top government official that Sharif's government had already got to know what sort of demands may come from Chief commander of TTP.
According to a Senator, the government may consider releasing of prisoners to make ground for expected 'peace deal' with TTP.
Regardless of the outcome of fresh efforts made by the government to strike a peace deal with TTP, history reveales Pakistan has been releasing militants/Taliban in the past too. It did so just to facilitate the peace process in the past. However, analysts believe, releasing of Taliban prisoners never aided reconciliation process, rather, it added to miseries of Pakistani government.
TTP had got freed approximately 400 of its militants who were languishing in the jail over the years. The prisoners , who were escaped, included Adnan Rashid.