SHEIKHUPURA - Dozens of students of a private school foiled an attempt to kidnap their two colleagues here the other day.
As per details, after school time, students came out and were on the way back home while two students namely Arslan Shafqat and Umer Muzammal (both cousins) were standing outside the school, waiting for their pick-up van. In the meantime eight unidentified accused arrived at the scene and attempted to bundle both the students into their vehicle by dragging them.
However, listing to their hue and cry, other students rushed for their rescue and managed to get them released. The alleged kidnapers managed to escape from the scene. Both the students are said to be sons of PTI activists - Shafqat Kujjar and Muzammal Kujjar. The Saddr Police have started investigation into the incident.
RESCUE 1122 CENTRES: Two Rescue 1122 service centres will be established in Khanqah Dogran and Ferozewattwan respectively at a cost of Rs70 million. In this connection, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has issued necessary instructions. According the DCO, the Punjab government is intended to provide modern rescue facilities particularly in traffic accidents.