The sugarcane growers have stopped cutting their sugar-cane and some growers have also stopped supplying sugarcane to the sugar mills in the district against the failure of the government to raise the price to Rs. 182 per 40 kg, while smaller growers of the area are selling their produce to the big growers at the rates ranging between Rs. 150 to 152 per 40 kg instead of the rate fixed Rs 182 per 40 kg by the government. The small growers are selling their sugarcane crop at such a low rate to the big landlords because the sugar mills are not buying from them while they have to pay debts that they incurred in growing the sugar cane.

A farmer said that he had brought 2 acres of land and was worried if his land was not cleared, he would not be able to grow the next yield. Some growers had leased the land and now faced extra charges if they did not cut the crop. The poor sugarcane grower are losing money as the price of sugar has gone down in international market and the government seems to be sleeping. The farmers would like to request Sindh government, to make sure that the big land owners do not push the small farmer into selling his crop at a loss and gets the price the government set at Rs182.


Badin, February 7.